A Coding Scheme for Optoelectronic/Optogenetic Retinal Prosthesis

Walid Al-Atabany and Patrick Degenaar


Retinal prosthesis, channelrhodopsin, optogenetics, visual prosthesis, vision enhancement, optoelectronics


Retinal prosthesis is presently moving towards returning some functional vision for those with Retinitis Pigmentosa disease. Although exciting progress is being made in the field, most of the retinal prosthesis devices are unlikely to return perfect vision in the first instance. Optogenetic/optoelectronic retinal prosthesis may prove to have even greater capabilities. Although resolutions are now moving beyond recognition of simple shapes, it will nevertheless be poor compared to normal vision. The key task in any retinal prosthesis system is to restore mobility and scene recognition to the patients. Therefore, it is important to maximize the useful visual information we attempt to transfer. In this paper we present a method to simplify the scene, perform non-linear image compression and a pulse coding scheme on the optoelectronic stimulator to conserve energy consumption.

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