Evaluation of CT-based 3D-Printed Colon Models for Surgical Operation Planning

Nikita Shevchenko, Sonja Gillen, Hubertus Feußner, and Tim C. Lüth


CT Colon Segmentation and Reconstruction, Anatomical Model 3D-Printing, Model-Based Individual Operation Planning, Medical Image Processing


In this paper an application of computer tomography, image processing and modern rapid prototyping techniques for operation planning is presented. Two individual colon models with lesions were obtained using some simple segmentation and 3D-reconstruction techniques and 3D-printing. The models were evaluated by physicians that have given a feedback about the positive aspects and drawbacks as well as the usability of the models. The evaluation of the models was positive – they can be used for individual operation planning and training of colon cancer patients, though some improvements are necessary.

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