Using Serious Games in Dyslexia Treatment

Nuria Aresti Bartolomé, Amaia Méndez Zorrilla, and Begoña García Zapirain


Dyslexia Treatment, Serious Games, Client/Server Model, attention improvement


Dyslexia is a disorder which affects language and writing skills, remaining of crucial importance to undertake an appropriate diagnosis and treatment to avoid subsequent problems. Nowadays, there are not many tools in the market which use serious games for the treatment of this disorder. Experts use tests in their therapies but they lack the possibility of measuring important parameters such as response time or user’s errors. By means of this innovative work a platform adapted to professionals as well as to people with dyslexia is shown, thanks to which people suffering from dyslexia are able to exercise, work and improve the skills they face difficulties in, through an easy and enjoyable way. Besides, it provides those responsible with a support in which the results the participants have been obtained along the games are registered, thus being able to check the evolution and the progress of those. In this very first stage encouraging results were obtained, to be able to continue widening the platform by proving the improvement the participants experienced.

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