User Centered Design eHealth System for Chronic Disease Monitoring

Nuria Aresti Bartolomé, Amaia Méndez Zorrilla, and Begoña García Zapirain


User centered design, chronic disease, eHealth system


There are multiple commercial eHealth platforms and research projects working in this type of system, but only some of them take into account patients´ interaction. This paper presents an approach of eHealth system based on user centered design. To achieve a user centered design system, a multidisciplinary development team has been cooperated. The proposed system permits the communication between doctor and patient with chronic diseases through the information exchange in a simple and efficient way. With this system we can analyse the important of the feedback provided to the patient and follow her/his evolution online detecting deviations faster than with the traditional health systems. The system has been tested by doctors and patients with different chronic diseases, and objectives and subjective results – obtained by surveys- are promising.

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