Effect of Infrared LED Array Stimulation on EEG

Jih-Huah Wu, Wei Fang, Yi-Chia Shan, and Yang-Chyuan Chang


EEG spectral analysis, alpha rhythm, brainwave, LED


Affecting the brainwave by radiating the palm of the tester with a low-level laser array has been proposed in our previous study. The power of alpha rhythms has been increased mainly in the posterior head regions. The effect lasted at least 15 minutes after cessation of the laser stimulation. However, the effect of non-coherent light (Light Emitting Diode, LED) in similar conditions hasn’t been investigated. In this study, a LED array stimulator (6 pcs LEDs, central wavelength 850nm, output power 30mW, operation frequency: 10 Hz) was designed to be the light source. An eyes-open EEG data were recorded during and after stimulation. The experimental results reveal the power of the alpha band has been enhanced with this LED array which operated in 10Hz. Significant activations were found in the parietal lobe、the occipital lobe and the temporal lobe (p<0.05). The experimental result reveals that LED almost has the same effect obtained from the laser.

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