A Gain Boosted Folded Cascode using Telescopic Boosting Amplifiers with Switched Capacitor Input Level Shifters

Bryce T. Bradford, Wolfgang Krautschneider, and Dietmar Schroeder


Biomedical Electronics, Electronic Medical Devices, Biosensors and transducers, Data and Signal Acquisition


This paper describes a single stage fully differential folded cascode operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) with fully differential gain boosting amplifiers designed in 1.2 VDC 130nm CMOS process technology. The amplifier is the driver for the analog to digital converter (ADC) of a blood pressure sensing medical implant [1] which uses wireless power transmission as its energy source [2]. The medical implant’s design specifications require an amplifier with wide output swing, high accuracy, and the bandwidth to drive a differential 5 pF load at 4 ksps with minimum power consumption. The gain boosting amplifiers are telescopic cascoded amplifiers, which, by their design, have an input and output common mode voltage relationship which is opposite to what is needed for a gain boosted cascode configuration. To correct for this, a method for DC shifting the amplifier’s input voltage using a switched capacitor network is presented.

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