Intelligent and Personalized Travel Planning System for Tourism through a Cognitive Inspired Framework

L.W.A.I. Dulmini H. De Silva, Dilhan J. Thilakarathne, and Asoka S. Karunananda


Cognitive Modelling, Multi Agent Systems for Information Retrieval, Emergent Intelligence


The tourism industry has become a vital economical factor for certain countries which have been blessed by the beauty of Mother Nature, including Sri Lanka. Nevertheless; to ensure sustainable development of tourism together with the infrastructure development, one main factor to be improved is the dissemination of information on dynamic tour planning. This paper mainly focuses on the hypothesis that dynamic travel planning can be managed through a cognitive inspired framework. Furthermore; this model will consider the dynamic mental interests of the user to facilitate a comprehensive tour planning together with consideration for the services of accommodation, transportation, recreation, etc. This proposed system developed on top of a cognitive model with agent technology. The realized cognitive model contains a Short Term Memory together with three Episodic, Semantic, and Procedural entities as Long Term Memory. To promptly enable the communication among heterogeneous entities a unified structure for ontology has been realized and relevant entities can use that when updating their information or extending the functionality. A prototyped tour planning application has been developed to scrutinize the effectiveness of a cognitive framework. It shows that this approach is adaptable in dynamic environments together with personalized user interests and novelty in the solution.

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