A Comparative Investigation of Psuedo Random Binary Sequence Triangular Carrier based Space Vector Modulation Technique in Matrix Converter

Jayamala Rajendra and Jeevananthan Seenithangam


Matrix Converter, DSVM, Random Carrier PWM, HSF


This paper describes the novel concept of applying a Randomized triangular carrier based Direct Space Vector Modulation (DSVM) technique to a three phase Matrix Converter (MC). MC is a direct AC- AC converter, has received a considerable interest as a viable alternative to the conventional Voltage Source Inverter (VSI). So far the MC has not been analyzed for harmonic spreading effect and spread factor of the output voltage spectrum. So, the ultimate aim is to explore the performance of harmonic spectra spreading effect and the Harmonic Spread Factor (HSF) using Pseudo Random Binary Sequence bit of Random Carrier DSVM for MC. The proposed method is analyzed using MATLAB/Simulink and their outputs validate the proposed modulation technique for the RL load and the open loop Induction Motor drives.

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