A Holistic Mobile based Information System to Enhance Farming Activities in Sri Lanka

Lasanthi N.C. De Silva, Jeevani S. Goonetillake, Gihan N. Wikramanayake, and Athula Ginige


Information Technology, Mobile Technology, Action Research, Social Life Networks


Information technology has proved to be the most vital part in sustainable development of any domain. In the next era, mobile technologies will create a greater impact on the humans due to inbuilt sensors and processing capabilities. Thus, by identifying this trend we have designed a holistic mobile based system to aid the information needs of farmers throughout the farming life cycle. This system is aimed at addressing the information gap among farmers and other stakeholders of the agriculture sector such as traders, government and private organizations. While diagnosing the problem domain, it was identified that, not only the static information such as pest and diseases, but also the dynamic information such as market prices, should be made available to the farmer to take correct decisions at the right time. Thus, our system would gather data from different sources to create better linkages among the stakeholders of the agriculture domain while increasing the information transparency of the farming life cycle. Further, the intended design will open up opportunities for predictive models to strengthen the decision making process.

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