Data Migration and Validation using the Smart Persistence Layer 2.0

Mariusz Trzaska


Impedance mismatch, Databases mapping, ObjectRelational Mappers, ORMs, Persistence, LINQ


We present a new version of the Smart Persistence Layer (SPLv2) which is a working prototype following our approach to modern data sources. Contrary to the most popular solutions, it does not use Object-Relational Mappers nor relational databases. This approach guarantees complete lack of the impedance mismatch. The new features of the SPLv2 concern data migrations and validations as an answer to real-world projects where models are changing all the time. Moreover, the conducted comparative benchmarks (db4o, Perst, MS Entity Framework) prove usefulness of our approach. The prototype, together with previously existing functionalities (like transparent persistency, bidirectional associations) makes an interesting alternative to existing data sources.

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