A Mathematical Model for Assessment of Physical Properties of Flyash-Sand-Cement Bricks

Soraj K. Panigrahi, Kommula V. Parasuram, and Clever Ketlogetswe


Mathematical modeling, Model development, Flyash, brick, compressive strength.


This paper highlights the development of a mathematical model to find the relationship of compressive strength of flyash cement bricks with other process parameters namely, percentage of flyash, sand and cement and water. Here, non linear one parameter polynomials are fitted using the existing experimental data. It is seen that the fitting with the single parameter in some cases does not give good results. As such, a multi dimensional relationship among the mentioned parameters have been proposed to get desired result and the corresponding co-efficient of determination are also reported to show the efficacy of the relationship. By using this model the compressive strength data may be approximated for the use of these bricks in construction sectors. As the flyash and other ingredients have been collected from thermal power station in Botswana, the model may be a beneficial to the people in Botswana working with flyash bricks.

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