Uncertainty Analysis of the Impact of Intermittent Wind Generation on Power System Oscillations

Temitope R. Ayodele, Adisa A. Jimoh, Josiah L. Munda, and John T. Agee


Monte Carlo Simulation, Power System Oscillation, Wind Power, Latin Hypercube Sampling


This paper studies the effects of wind power generation on power system small signal stability considering the intermittent characteristic of its primary energy source. The analysis is conducted using Monte Carlo simulation via modal analysis. Random samples are generated from Weibull distribution to obtain possible representative of wind speed needed for wind power generation using Latin hypercube sampling technique. Factors such as wind power integration level and wind farm location are considered in the assessment of the stability of a network interconnected by a weak tie-line. The oscillatory modes are calculated for each operating condition. The changes in modal characteristics of the system due to intermittent wind power generation are evaluated by observing the movement on the complex plane.

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