Tracking of Local Myocardial Motion on M-Mode Echocardiogram by DP-based Elastic Model

Chao Chen, Naoki Maesako, Wataru Ohyama, Tetsushi Wakabayashi, Fumitaka Kimura, and Kiyotsugu Sekioka


Myocardial motion tracking, Ultrasonic imaging, Echocardiography, Dynamic programming


We propose a new methodology for motion tracking of local myocardial tissue on m-mode echocardiograms. This methodology is applicable to the quantitative assessment of myocardial performance in clinics. The M-mode echocardiogram is widely used in clinics to measure diagnostic indexes like thickening and thinning of myocardial muscle layers. To measure such indexes, doctors are required to track myocardial motion manually, however the tracking of myocardial motion by hand is tedious and time-consuming process. Our proposed method is able to tracking the myocardial motion on m-mode echocardiograms automatically by employing DP-based optimization. In this report we present the proposed method.

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