3D Facial Feature Extraction based on the Symmetry Plane Analysis

Sokyna M. Al-Qatawneh, Stanly S. Ipson, and Rami S. Qahwaji


3D face recognition, Symmetry profile extraction, Simplex method, KNN


Recently with the development of more affordable 3D acquisition systems and the availability of 3D face databases, 3D face recognition has been attracting interest to tackle the limitations in performance of most existing 2D systems. In this work, a novel method for the automatic processing of 3D facial data is presented. Here the input data can be in the form either of a 3D triangular facial mesh (containing the coordinate and connectivity information), or of a data point cloud. In the new approach, the main goal is to automatically determine a symmetry profile for the face. This is undertaken by computing the intersection between the symmetry plane (found by an automatic search) and the facial mesh, resulting in a planer curve that accurately represents the symmetry profile. This is then utilized to allocate the central region of the face and it extracts a set of profiles from that region which can be used for recognition purposes.

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