The Comparison Study of Power-Efficient Relay Assignment Strategies in Cooperative Cellular Networks

Ming-Fu Tang, Chun-Lin Wu, and Tsung-Nan Lin


Relay assignment, Power efficiency, LTE-Advanced, Hungarian algorithm


Relay assignment is an important issue in cooperative transmission, which can effectively enhance the system performance. Relay assignment is to assign the proper relay node to the user in order to enhance the spatial diversity of transmission. Different perspectives of performances can be achieved thanks to different relay strategies. A through understanding of performance variances due to different relay assignment strategies is crucial in the stage of cellular system planning. In this paper, we study the strategies of maximize the aggregate performance, max-min, greedy, and fairness in a LTE-Advanced environment. The relay assignment is made by optimizing the power efficiency with respect to different strategies. We compare the results from power consumption of each strategy and other different performance metrics. Simulation results show the pros and cons of those strategies. When taking various performance metrics into consideration, maximizing the aggregate performance outperforms other relay assignment strategies.

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