Air-to-Ground MIMO Channel Measurements

Christopher C. Squires, Geoff W.K. Colman, and Tricia J. Willink


Air-to-ground channel, MIMO measurements, Capacity, Diversity, Power


Measurements of a MIMO air-to-ground channel at 915 MHz were conducted using multi-element arrays at both the transmitter and receiver. The transmitter was installed in a small semi-autonomous aircraft and the receiver was stationed on the ground in a rural area. Measurements were performed with the receiver located inside and outside the orbit of the aircraft flight pattern. Characteristics for the MIMO channels measured at both locations are presented. It is observed that the received power can fluctuate more than 10 dB without shadowing of the line-of-sight (LOS) component, impacting diversity and achievable capacity. In some channels, when the power in the LOS component is attenuated, diversity improves due to the increased relative strength of a small number of multipath components.

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