Why Should People use Wiki in Academic Environments? An Empirical Analysis of Undergraduate Students

Concetta Metallo, Rocco Agrifoglio, Maria Ferrara, Nunzio Casalino, and Marco De Marco


Wiki, technology acceptance, blended learning, educational processes


The aim of this study was to investigate students’ perceptions of wiki and how these perceptions in turn influence their usage behavior. These tools, if well managed, offer a variety of powerful information sharing and collaboration features. Indeed it is described a wiki tool and its role for communication and collaboration within a traditional in-class course to improve students’ learning activities. Understanding students’ perceptions and usage behavior of these systems is a very important goal, because the success of them depends on several social and psychological factors. A study was conducted in undergraduate “Management Information Systems” course within the Business Faculty at the Università degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope. A survey methodology was used to gather data and data analysis was conducted using the stepwise regression. Findings have shown the key role of students’ extrinsic and intrinsic motivation in determining their usage behavior providing implications for research and practice.

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