Case based Reasoning and Bee Colony Optimization for Radiocine (I-131) Dose Decision in Thyroid Cancer Treatment

Dušan Teodorović, Milica Šelmić, and Ljiljana Mijatović-Teodorović


Well Differentiated Thyroid Cancer, I-131 iodine dose, Case Based Reasoning, Swarm Intelligence, Bee Colony Optimization


Thyroid cancers are the most common endocrine carcinomas. The Case Based Reasoning (CBR) is used in this paper to describe physician’s expertise, intuition and experience when treating patients with well differentiated thyroid cancer. Various clinical parameters (patient’s diagnosis, patient’s age, tumour size, existence of metastases in lymph nodes and existence of distant metastases) influence physician’s decision-making in dose planning. The weights (importance) of these parameters are determined by the Bee Colony Optimization (BCO) meta-heuristic. The proposed CBR-BCO model suggests I-131 iodine dose in radioactive iodine therapy. The proposed approach is tested on the real data from patients treated in the Department of Nuclear Medicine, Clinical Center Kragujevac, Serbia. By comparing the results obtained through the developed CBR-BCO model with those resulting from the physician's decision, it has been found that the developed model is highly compatible with reality.

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