Energy Optimization of RFID Networks using Genetic Algorithm

Nazish Irfan, Mustapha C.E. Yagoub, and Khelifa Hettak


RFID, Energy Aware, Optimization, Redundant Reader, Genetic Algorithm


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems, due to recent technological advances, have been used for various advantages in industry like production facilities, supply chain management etc. However, sometimes this requires a dense deployment of readers to cover the working area. Moreover, transmitting large RF power aggravates interference, complicating the deployment and operation of RFID systems in dense deployment. Furthermore, without optimizing reader’s location and number, many of them can be redundant, reducing the efficiency of the whole RFID system. Our focus was to reduce energy consumption of the RFID network without compromising on the coverage. Therefore, a genetic algorithm was used to first optimize the antenna beam in order to eliminate redundant readers. Then,we optimized the reader transmission power of the remaining readers in the network to further reduce the overall energy consumption of the network. Simulation results demonstrated the efficiency of the proposed approach while preserving the tag coverage

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