Design and Simulation of Optimised Bow-Tie Wideband Antenna for Breast Cancer Detection

Lakhvinder Singh Solanki and Yeeshu Relhaan


Bow-tie antenna, wide band, feed point, rounding


In this paper, we have designed, simulated the microstrip Bow-tie antenna (MBA), successfully for enhanced results. This Bow-tie antenna is fed through the microstrip feed line. The same design of the antenna is used for proposed modifications. Firstly, feed line dimensions are modified and optimized for the improved S11. Then corners of the Bow-tie antenna wings are rounded with different radii and optimized for the best S11. At last the Bow-tie antenna is designed with all optimized dimensions and the results are compared with the conventional one. It is found the results of the optimized antenna are much better than the conventional one.

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