Bar Spinning as Dexterous Manipulation of Digital Hand based on Human Hand

Hiroshi Hashimoto, Akinori Sasaki, Sho Yokota, Yasuhiro Ohyama, and Chiharu Ishii


digital hand, contact force, dexterous manipulation, dynamics space, Non-Lexicographically-Fixed System, data glove


This paper describes dexterous manipulation of the digital hand we have developed, whose structure is based on human hand. The purpose of the development is to investigate good shape design for anyone to make use of it easily, the technology transfer in man hand and the novel operation of robot hand. To do this, it is necessary to examine the force distribution generating on a contact point between hand and object. We have developed the estimation systems; one is the dynamics simulation space that has the collision calculation function. The other is the shape inspection of hand with a high-speed camera which is able to record the dexterous hand motion. As a dexterous manipulation, bar spinnings by the digital hand are examined.

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