Modeling and Control of a PMSG Wind System with STATCOM Capacitor Energy Storage Device

Abu H.M.A. Rahim


Wind power generation, permanent magnet synchronous generator


Among the two major variable speed wind generator systems, the permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG) has the advantage like higher efficiency and light weight, etc. However, the DC capacitor voltage of the converters located in cascade with the PMSG has to be maintained within strict limits to avoid instability in the system. This article presents a method of maintaining stable operation of the system through additional energy storage capacitors located at the converter terminals. The storage system is interfaced through a STATCOM voltage source converter (VSC) which can supply the requisite reactive power. The PMSG system behaviour was studied for various disturbances. Simulation results show that the decoupled P-Q control of the storage device can give satisfactory transient performance following severe disturbances in the system.

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