Bi-Dimensional SDINS in Horizontal Plane with Miniaturized Redundant IMU

Teodor Lucian Grigorie


inertial navigation, statistical filtering, redundant IMU, miniaturized inertial sensors


The paper presents a redundant architecture of a bi-dimensional strap-down inertial navigator in horizontal plane. The redundance of the developed system is provided by its inertial measurement unit, containing inertial sensors arrays in a linear redundant configuration. The inertial sensors data in each of the three arrays (two for accelerometers, along the reference axes in horizontal plane, and another one for gyros, along the vertical axis) are fused by using a statistical method based on a Kalman filter. Shown are: the navigator inertial measurement unit structure, the fusion algorithm theory, the inertial navigator theory of operation, and the experimental validation of the proposed architecture. In the experimental validation phase the positioning, speed and attitude errors are evaluated and discussed relative to the reference signals provided by an integrated INS/GPS navigator.

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