Physically-based Real-Time 3-D Simulation of Hoses for Virtual Automation Systems

Frank Heinze, Juergen Rossmann, and Bartholomaeus Rudak


Physically-based modelling, Industrial automation, Virtual manufacturing, Mass-spring simulation, Hose simulation


Current simulation systems for virtual automation usually ignore the simulation of cables and hoses. Cable simulations are commonly very specialized systems i.e. for laying cables in cars. Our approach adds a new aspect to the simulation of virtual automation systems by additionally simulating one-dimensional flexible objects like hoses and cables. The approach is physically-based and fast enough to work even in large automation systems. We describe the theoretical concepts for our mass-spring approach and identify the necessary physical parameters. In a detailed evaluation we measured the physical parameters and compared the form and characteristics of a real hose with the simulation as well as with a pure mathematical approach. Besides analysing the behaviour we evaluated the run-time performance to ensure real-time performance of the overall system.

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