Modelling Horizontal Velcocities within the Wave Bottom Boundary Layer

Tiago Abreu, Paulo A. Silva, Francisco Sancho, Hervé Michallet, and Luís Vasconcelos


Oscillatory flows, horizontal velocities, defect law


As waves travel and shoal towards a beach, their surface elevation becomes peaky (sharp crests) and asymmetric relative to the vertical, differing from the sinusoidal profile of linear waves. Below the surface, the passage of the progressive waves induces fluid velocities, showing similar (time) asymmetries. These nonlinearities are inextricably linked to sediment transport, but the processes involved are not well understood. This work analyses the data collected during a recent experimental project under skewed oscillatory flows. It validates a simple method based on the defect law to reproduce the horizontal velocities within the wave bottom boundary layer. Results indicate a good agreement between the measured and modeled velocities using this methodology.

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