Deployment of Wireless Sensors in a Homogeneous Grid

Nitin Nitin, Surabhi Taluja, Mayank Gaur, Tanu Agarwal, and Shweta Jangid


Wireless Sensor Network , Quality of Service , Homogeneous Grid, Gur Game


A Wireless Sensor Network consist of distributed self-directed sensors to proctor physical or environmental conditions, such as sound, pressure, pollutants, motion or temperature and to pass their data through the network to a main area. Sensors suffer from major issues like low bandwidth, throughput optimization and redundant coverage. In order to reduce these shortcomings, this research aims at conservation of energy, reduction of redundancy and efficient coverage of area by the sensors. The research is a simulation on the deployment of sensors in a homogeneous area. The aim is to effectively deploy the number of sensors in each region screen maximum area with a minimal number of active sensor nodes and thereby improve the Quality of service (QoS). We have generalized the deployment of sensors into n x n regions with our designed algorithm. In addition, we have drawn graphical user interface to simulate the deployment of sensors in different cases. Finally, we have commented on different results obtained for Quality of service of different number of homogeneous regions and which one is most efficient.

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