Ellipse Fitting by Projection for Maximum Coverage

Jan-Ray Liao and Shye-Chorng Kuo


Ellipse fitting, Maximum coverage, Orthogonal projection, PSNR


In this paper, we propose a new ellipse fitting method which maximizes the area of the ellipse, i.e., finds the maximum coverage of the ellipse. Through mathematical derivation, we show that the multiplication of two orthogonal projections of an ellipse is maximized when the projection angle is equal to the angle of the major or minor axes. With the border points of an object as input, our algorithm first finds the maximum projection length of the object at all angles. Then, we find the maximum of the multiplication of two orthogonal projections. The lengths and the angles of the projections are taken as the estimation of the geometric parameters of the ellipse. Through experiments, we show that our new approach gives better results as compared to the popular least square approach.

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