A Robust Color Image Watermarking Scheme

Md. Wahedul Islam and Saif alZahir


Color Image Watermarking, DWT, SVD, YCbCr


In this paper, we present an image watermarking scheme based on discrete wavelet transform and singular value decomposition (SVD) for color Images. This scheme embeds the watermark into the luminance (Y) channel of YCbCR color space of the host image. The luminance image is decomposed up to four DWT levels. SVD is applied on the HL1-4 and LH1-4 sub-bands of each level and pseudo random number (PRN) sequence is added to the singular values of their coefficients to produce what we call modified singular values. To obtain the modified HL and LH coefficients, we take the inverse of the SVD of the modified SVs. Finally, we perform the IDWT on the modified HL & LH coefficients as well as HH and LL coefficients to produce the watermarked Y channel image. Then, the modified luminance, Cb and Cr are combined to get the watermarked color image. Simulation results show that our watermark is robust against high JPEG compression, filtering, Gaussian-noise, resizing and other image processing attacks. In addition, this watermark is not susceptible to any false positive or detection of false reference watermark.

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