An Improved Nearest-Neighborhood Algorithm for Efficient Super-Resolution Images Implemented on ARM-9 AT91SAM9RL

Thuong Le-Tien, Cuong Nguyen-Hung, Marie Luong, Cao Bui-Thu, and Hoang Duc-Nguyen


Super resolution image processing, DSP board TMS320C5515, ARM-9 board AT91SAM9RL, image processing times


In the paper, an efficient super-resolution image processing is presented. We have developed a fast interpolation algorithm which is successfully implemented on the ARM-9 microcontroller board, AT91SAM9RL. The results have been compared to the previous works on both with the Matlab-based simulations and the hardware of DSP TMS320C5515. The developed algorithm has shown up to be an efficient method with less image-processing times for processing large size color images in acceptable processing time. The possible applications of super-resolution image processing are to digital cameras or photos where high resolution images are required for feature extractions.

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