Peer-Review of Reusable Learning Objects for eBooks in a Peer-To-Peer Network Architecture

Rajendra G. Singh and Margaret A. Bernard


eBook, Peer-Review, Peer-To-Peer


It is a challenging task to take standards-based eLearning content from a client-server environment and place it on a Peer-To-Peer network to achieve similar goals. The client-server eLearning system architecture is designed for storing, sharing and delivering course content. In an initial pursuit of this challenge, a design for a Peer-To-Peer Reusable Learning Object Repository was proposed and prototyped. Now in this continuing work, the challenge of performing and managing peer-reviews for the content being shared on the Peer-To-Peer network is investigated, along with how to aggregate and sequence the content into a course for delivery. The solution introduces a scalable server design, mainly to maintain the integrity of peer-review data while leaving the eLearning content on network peers. From the prototype, the user can also now aggregate and sequence peer-reviewed Reusable Learning Objects into a course after which it is passed to a commercial compiler via scripting, along with preprogramed templates to produce eBooks. The result, is that this extended Peer-To-Peer prototype application demonstrates an end-to-end solution which can be used to manage and share peer-reviewed Reusable Learning Objects over a Peer-To-Peer network, and achieve the final goal of packaging and delivering shared content as online and offline eBooks.

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