An Empirical Research on the Influencing Factors of Spatial Learning Effect

Xuefang Zhang, Qinhua Huang, and Shengnan Chen


spatial learning, influencing factors, education, learners, 3D aided design tools, educators


The interaction of educators, learners, and three-dimensional (3D) computer-aided design tools during the classroom-based education process influences the spatial learning outcome in various ways. In this study, how and how much spatial learning outcome is influenced by the interaction of these three parts during the education of clothing display design is explored. Fifteen factors that influence spatial learning are presented. These factors are derived from a previous study in the engineering and art education fields. A questionnaire is distributed during the display space design in order to discover the potential factors that influence spatial learning outcome. The investigation result data are collected and processed by the factor analysis method. Four essential influencing factors on spatial learning outcome are discussed extensively. The experimental result of this study confirms that four factors influence spatial learning effect, including interactive functions of 3D computer-aided design technology and learning strategies, 3D technology application experience of learners, realistic display of 3D technology, and instructional process design. Among these factors, 3D technology application experience of learners, and instructional process design have a greater impact than the other two factors.

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