Effective Lesson Plan Development using SMARTIES

Jaemu Lee, Yusuke Hayashi, and Riichiro Mizoguchi


Advanced Technology in Education, Instructional Design, Instructional Model, Lesson Plan, Ontology Application for Education, Authoring System for Lesson Plans


Using the authoring tool SMARTIES, this study constructs instruction ontology regarding knowledge of instruction models. It suggests a new way to develop lesson plans by using instructional ontology and demonstrates its effectiveness. It was applied to pre-service teachers in Korea. The pre-service teachers were divided into two groups, an experimental and comparative group. Lesson plans from the two groups were compared and analyzed. Effects and problems of lesson plan development using SMARTIES were analyzed through questionnaires. This study found that designing lesson plans using SMARTIES, offered by this study, made lesson plans systematic and concrete. The respondents said that the system is very positive in that it makes lesson planning easy and rich in content. The learning goals and the decomposition tree rarely match naturally. It is suggested that routine lesson plans could be created when the SMARTIES system is used. Flexible applications in accordance with learning goals, however, are needed

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