Graphical User Interface for Power Efficient Local Cloud Architecture

Jeffrey Galloway, Randy Smith, and Susan Vrbsky


Accessibility, Cloud Architecture, Human Computer Interaction, Parallel and Distributed System, User Interface Development


Given the rapid development of high speed Internet access and advancements in virtualization technologies, the cloud computing paradigm has grown tremendously. There are many solutions for implementing local cloud architectures as well as a variety of public vendors. This paper introduces a graphical, web-based interface for a power efficient local cloud architecture. This interface provides users an easy way to access local cloud resources. One of the problems of deploying an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud into a general organization is getting users connected to their resources. Since the cloud implementation will be hosted behind a NAT router, this interface gives the user the port forwarded information needed to access private cloud computational and persistent storage resources. We provide design details and screenshots of the GUI design from a user’s and an administrator’s prospective.

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