RUNGUI - A Framework for Runtime Generated User Adapted Interfaces

Michael B. Schmidt, Marcel Schneider, and Norbert Kuhn


Framework, runtime generated, user adapted interface


This paper presents our framework for runtime generated user adapted interfaces. It was named RUNGUI to emphasis that user interfaces are generated during the runtime of an application. With RUNGUI, it is possible to generate adaptable user interfaces in the sense that they adapt to the device as well as to the preferences of the user at runtime. The framework runs on a server to ensure a fast calculation of the sophisticated interface generating process making it usable from arbitrary client systems or mobile devices. The Abstract Definition of the Interface (ADI) defines the content of the user interface. It is stored in a xml file and transferred to the server where the final user interface is calculated. The results are returned to the client which then builds the customized user interface. Therefore, we introduce the concept of abstract events to separate the business logic from the event system. These advantages make the utilization of the framework very comfortable for software developers. It allows them to concentrate on the logic rather than focusing on the UI components.

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