Computer based Learning by Means of Mixed Diagnostic Tests, Threshold Function and Fuzzy Logic

Anna E. Yankovskaya and Mikhail E. Semenov


Intelligent Pattern Recognition, Mixed Diagnostic Tests, HumanComputer Interaction, Computer Based Learning, Fuzzy Logic, Threshold Function


The relevance of computer based learning, training and testing of students are discussed. This research is devoted technology of human-computer interaction for learning, training and testing. The mathematical apparatus of mixed diagnostic tests are taken as principles for learning, testing and training. The mixed diagnostic tests represent a compromise between unconditional and conditional components. Construction of mixed diagnostic tests is proposed to development of computer based learning for control, monitoring of students' knowledge, and creation of individual courses for each student. A technique for construction of optimal mixed diagnostic tests only on the basis of expert knowledge is suggested. Decision-making is carried out by means of elements of fuzzy logic and threshold function. Illustrative example of computer based learning and testing by means of mixed diagnostic tests for a problem of shortest coverage of a Boolean matrix is given.

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