Evaluating South African Universities' Web Portal Interfaces for Usability and User Acceptance: Preliminary Study

Vathiswa M. Booi and George E. Ditsa


Usability, User Acceptance, Usability Evaluation, University Web portal Interfaces


This paper presents a preliminary study of usability and user acceptance of South African University Web Portals (UWPIs).The main purpose of this study is to evaluate web portal interfaces of South African universities for their usability and user acceptance. The motivation for conducting these portal evaluations is to suggest improvement and guidelines to enhance the usability and user acceptance of South African (UWPIs). An evaluation framework has been identified to be used as the criteria to help establish design guidelines and techniques for the study. Questionnaire based on the framework was used to collect data for the evaluation of the interfaces using user participatory method. The targeted user groups include existing students in the institutions, students seeking information, staff members, the public, potential employers and job seekers. A prototype web portal interface based on the results of the main survey will be developed to validate the results of the data analysis. The results from this study will provide guidelines for the evaluation of South African UWPIs for their usability and acceptance. Preliminary results of the pilot study show that South African UWPIs do not meet usability and user acceptance.

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