Fast Fourier Analysis of Structural Organization in Decellularized Cartilage-on-Bone Laminates

Ashkan Heidarkhan-Tehrani, Sanjleena Singh, Yin Xiao, and Adekunle Oloyede


Decellularization, Extracellular matrix, Image processing, Fast Fourier transform, Cartilageonbone laminate


Denaturation of tissues can provide a unique biological environment for regenerative medicine application only if minimal disruption of their microarchitecture is achieved during the decellularization process. The goal is to keep the structural integrity of such a construct as functional as the tissues from which they were derived. In this work, cartilage-on-bone laminates were decellularized through enzymatic, non-ionic and ionic protocols. This work investigated the effects of decellularization process on the microarchitecture of cartiligous extracellular matrix; determining the extent of how each process deteriorated the structural organization of the network. High resolution microscopy was used to capture cross-sectional images of samples prior to and after treatment. The variation of the microarchitecture was then analysed using a well defined fast Fourier image processing algorithm. Statistical analysis of the results revealed how significant the alternations among aforementioned protocols were (p < 0.05). Ranking the treatments by their effectiveness in disrupting the ECM integrity, they were ordered as: Trypsin> SDS> Triton X-100.

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