New Type of Wide Area Fault Location Algorithm based on Posterior Viewpoints

Zengping Wang, Yagang Zhang, and Jinfang Zhang


Fault Location, Wide area information, Relay protection, Bayesian theory, Posterior probability


The aim of relay protection is to isolate the fault zone or device and guarantee the system security. The primary protection and backup protection is in cooperation relationship, and backup one could not be canceled because of the DC power supply failure in substation. The fault location algorithm based on wide area information is one of the key points for novel wide area backup protection. By use of the synchronized phasor data uploaded by PMUs, the process of locating fault could be implemented in real-time or near real-time level. In this paper, based on Bayesian theory, we have studied the fault location in wide area backup protection systems. The simulation experiments have confirmed that the detection of fault can be resolved exactly and effectively by Bayesian theory.

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