Visualising Volumetric Fourier Transforms of Asymmetric 3D Growth Models

Ken A. Hawick, Arno Leist, and Daniel P. Playne


Fast Fourier Transforms, Multidimensional Signal Processing, Volumetric Visualisation, parallel FFTs


Volumetric visualisation of Fourier spectral data is a powerful but computationally intensive tool for understanding growth models. Visualising frequency-domain spectral representations of simulation model variables that are normally defined on a spatial mesh can be a useful aid to understanding time evolutionary behaviour. While it is common to study the symmetric or spherically averaged FFT of models, we consider rendering the full 3D FFT representations in interactive time. We use volume rendering methods to study the FFT and also consider asymmetric model cases where spherical averaging would be misleading. We discuss visualisation of Fourier-transformed data fields and some techniques for analysing and interpreting them. We present some application examples and implementations of rendering iso surfaces in the spectral scattering representation of of the normal and small-world rewired Ising model using Graphical Processing Units(GPUs) that allow both simulation and rendering to be achieved in interactive time.

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