A Theoretical Framework for Perceptually Lossless Coding of Stereo 3-D Video

Hong Ren Wu, Damian M. Tan, and David Wu


Digital video coding, Multichannel vision model


In this conceptual paper, a theoretical framework is formulated and introduced to address the problem with application of a multichannel vision model based perceptual distortion measure to the rate-perceptual-distortion optimisation process for inter-frame and inter-view coding in a perceptually lossless video coder for high quality, e.g., full HD (high definition), stereo 3-D video communications, broadcasting and entertainment services and applications. It aims at enhancing and achieving the ultimate viewing experience at home for users to enjoy these aforementioned services and applications. The approach also offers backward compatibility from stereo 3-D video compression systems to standard video compression systems.

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