Low Resolution Decoding for High-Efficiency Video Coding

Zhan Ma and Andrew Segall


Low resolution decoding, HEVC, Energy efficiency


In this paper, we introduce a low resolution decoding framework in the context of the emerging high efficiency video coding standard (HEVC). Our goal is to provide a low power decoding option within a high resolution bit-stream for mobile or other power constrained devices. To facilitate this functionality, we have developed a system that contains hybrid frame buffer compression, low resolution intra prediction, cascaded motion compensation and in-loop deblocking components. At the core, the system decomposes the original image sequence into a low resolution and high resolution component using a simple checker-board pattern and predicts the low resolution component without reference to the high resolution component. The resulting bit-stream can then be decoded at either full resolution or low resolution by a decoder. The approach is integrated into the HEVC HM software platform, and results show the efficiency of the approach.

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