A Hybrid Method for Scenario-based Effort Re-Allocation in Software Projects

Emadoddin Livani, Łukasz Radliński, Elham Paikari, and Günther Ruhe


Software project management, effort allocation, Bayesian networks


Effort re-allocation among software development stages potentially leads to changes in the scope and quality of delivered software and in total effort. The goal of this paper is to develop a framework for prioritizing effort re-allocation scenarios against a set of criteria according to one’s preferences. This framework is a hybrid of Bayesian network (BN), which reflects a development process, and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP), which incorporates the preferences. We evaluated the framework with a BN model from a real world case study. Results of the experiments showed that the framework is useful in finding the best effort re-allocation scenario and is successful in incorporating the preferences in the decision making process.

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