Release Planning Issues and Dependencies Problems in Market-Driven Requirements Engineering

Bassey E. Isong and Obeten O. Ekabua


Requirements engineering, MDRE, release planning, models, dependencies, prioritization


Market-driven software development organizations are faced with many challenges resulting from Market-driven Requirements Engineering (MDRE) processes. Among these challenges are release planning (RP) and dependencies problems. RP constitutes both an important and a complex activity in MDRE and is achieved via prioritization. However, the task of selecting an optimal set of requirements for a particular increment is very complex. The fact that requirements are related to each other (i.e. dependencies) makes it complex or sometimes even impossible, to plan requirements based on priority only. In a nutshell, dependencies among requirements cripple prioritization which in turn affects RP decisions. Many approaches exist to facilitate RP decisions but none addresses all the requirements selection factors that can produce a good and fast product plan and allow for re-planning as well. This however makes it difficult to choose any model that suits a particular situation. This paper therefore proposes a generic RP model that addresses all the requirements selection factors together with release re-planning to produces a good and fast product plan. Additionally, the paper also presents an investigation of RP and requirements dependencies challenges, focusing on their characteristics, implication and solution methods.

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