SAMCA: Service-based Architectural Model for Collaborative Applications

Mario Anzures-Garcia, Luz A. Sánchez-Gálvez, Miguel J. Hornos, and Patricia Paderewski


Architectural Model, Collaborative Application, Service-Oriented Architecture, Conference Management System


This paper proposes a Service based-Architectural Model for Collaborative Applications (SAMCA), which allows us to develop this type of applications as well as to adapt them to different collaborative scenarios. A collaborative application may be represented by five concerns according to SAMCA. These concerns are represented as layers in the proposed model. Therefore, it contains Data Layer, Group Layer, Cooperation Layer, Application Layer, and Adaptation Layer. Each layer is made-up of services and/or modules, which supply the necessary elements to build any collaborative application. The architectural model proposed in this work, uses SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture), to specify each service of SAMCA, and allows reutilization, and adaptation of the developed collaborative application. The construction of a Conference Management System (CMS), is presented as a case study to show the SAMCA usefulness.

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