Simulation based Genetic Algorithm Approach for Integrating Process Planning and Scheduling Functions

Hazem A Kaylani and Safwan A Altarazi


Integrated process planning, scheduling, discrete event simulation


Integration of process planning and scheduling (IPPS) has proved superior performance over handling these two functions separately. In this paper, a new genetic algorithm-based heuristic search integrated with a tunable computer simulation is used to tackle this complicated problem. The key aspects of the new approach include: (i) Tunable Simulation model, (ii) Chromosome representation and genetic operators, and (iii) multiobjective evaluation function. The new heuristic is implemented over an IPPS model which encompasses criteria from process planning, as maximizing operational tolerances and minimizing manufacturing cost, and scheduling as minimizing makespan, and minimizing lateness. The new approach is demonstrated by an example. A simulation model representing the processes in a manufacturing shop is developed and used to evaluate system performance.

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