Pitch Angle Control of Wind Turbine Generator using Disturbance Decoupling with T-S Fuzzy

Taekue Kim, Seungkyu Park, Taesung Yoon, Hokyun Ahn, and Kunpyoung Kwak


Wind Turbine Generator, Disturbance decoupling, T-S Fuzzy Identification


For the ranges over the rating wind speed, the pitch angle of the blades in the wind power generator must be controlled to attenuate the speed variations. However, the the pitch angle is not easy to control because of the higher nonlinearity of the aero dynamics and the disturbances. The higher nonlinearity of them makes it difficult to decouple disturbances. Approximate linear models have been used for the pitch angle control under the exact models but they cannot cover the wide range of wind speed. Usually, without mathematical model, PID control is used for the pitch angle control but shows the worse control performance in the case of existing disturbances. So, in this paper, novel disturbance decoupling is proposed by using T-S fuzzy identification. T-S fuzzy identification describes the nonlinear relationship between input and disturbances and this can make makes disturbances be decoupled.

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