A Bond Graph Approach to Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle

Muhammad Sajjad S. Malik, Aamer A. Baqai, and Raja A. Azeem


Hydraulic hybrid vehicle, Bond graph modelling, Energy flow modelling


Fuel minimization is primary focus for engineers in automotive sector since long. Alternative energy sources were invented, tested and used to propel the automobiles. However conventional engine, petrol or diesel, were not fully replaced because no other alternative power source can fulfill the demands of high torque and speed requirements. Hybrid concept was introduced in which two or more different power sources are used to propel the vehicle. As a result satisfactory saving of fuel and to lower CO2 emissions would possible. Hydraulic hybrid vehicle was invented for city traffic which significantly reduces the fuel consumption and emissions and also the lost energy would utilize again by regeneration. In this paper model of hydraulic hybrid vehicle is presented. Bond graph was used to model the hydraulic part while for mechanical part, block diagrams were used. Bond graph is domain independent graphical modeling. It represents the energetic interconnection which can be algorithmically converted into symbolic mathematical model.

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