Follow Up Survey of Computing Curriculum Standard J07: Requirement Level Analysis of Industry

Tetsuro Kakeshita and Mika Ohtsuki


Curriculum and Instruction, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Education, Outcomes-based Assessment, Requirement and Achievement Surveys, Computing Curriculum Standard J07


Information Procession Society of Japan (IPSJ) proposed the Computing Curriculum Standard J07 as a curriculum model for college level ICT education. As ICT education is becoming more important, strong cooperation is expected between industry and academia. In this paper, we performed a survey to collect and analyze achievement and requirement data using a common body of knowledge. The achievement data is collected from graduates and professors of college and graduate school. The requirement data is collected from J07 development committee and industry. The analysis clarifies the relationship among the achievement of college education and the requirements of J07 and industry in a quantitative manner. In this paper, requirement data from industry is analyzed particularly.

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