Optimising Knowledge Management for Student Support

Yuguang Zhang and Paul Kawachi


Knowledge management systems, learning support, domains of learning, engineering education, digital filtering


We report our findings and results from a meta-analysis to show what constitutes effective knowledge management for supporting students. With massive amounts of data flow, students need time management and continuous scaffolding support especially to prevent drop-out in the early years. Support is analysed as being internal from other students and from teachers, or as external from work colleagues, employers and family. Knowledge management support was only effective where provided as internal from more senior students. A comprehensive framework is presented that covers all the five known Domains of Learning ; the Cognitive, Metacognitive, Affective, Environment, and Management Domain. The Management Domain is explained to include time management skills, and critical thinking skills for coping with massive amounts of data flow. We present what is knowledge management, how and why it is efficient - with case studies, examples and full literature references. We conclude that optimum knowledge management is achieved through mentoring by a senior student or tutor.

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