University Students' Attitudes Toward Online Learning in a Blended Learning Environment

Yue Zhu, Wing Au, and Greg Yates


online learning, blended learning, attitudes


The past decades have witnessed the rapid development of information and communication technology (ICT) and its integration in educational settings. Online learning is gaining increasing popularity in higher education. As a result, blended learning (a mixture of face-to-face and online learning), as an effective educational delivery, has become more widely adopted by university teachers and students. This paper reports the results from phase one of a study which aimed to investigate students’ attitudes toward online learning in a blended environment, and other factors including students’ expectation, prior experiences and attitudes. In addition, students’ attitudes toward online and traditional components in blended learning environment were also examined. 121 second-year pre-service teacher education students in an Australia university took part in the study. It was found that the participants held a favourable attitude toward both traditional and online components in the course and were positive toward online learning. However, the participants still preferred traditional learning environment. Their general attitudes toward online learning were positively correlated with their attitudes toward ICT, the subject area and online learning components, but negatively linked with the attitudes toward traditional learning components.

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